For years Colin worked in healthcare as well as worked closely with underserved communities. During his work, he noticed how poor the nutritional value was of the food packages distributed at food banks. As a healthcare worker, he understood the long term effects this would have on individuals, not at their own fault and wanted to do something to remedy this situation. Colin, while working with Dan, an expert in vertical farming and modern agriculture, on a separate project brainstorm ideas of how they could utilize their skillsets and shared values into making a difference in providing food security to those underserved. That solution was using hydroponics vertical garden systems. 

GR365N provides an avenue to completely revolutionize the way we grow produce. Now fruits and vegetables can be grown in a controlled environment year-round; leading to food security. This provides families, companies and food businesses with the avenue to serve fresh clean to consumers. 

GR365N also gives families to large scale companies the opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables themselves. Finally, people will have trust and comfort in knowing the source of their produce.


We Started GR365N




Fresh Produce Year-Round

GR365N enables fresh produce to be enjoyed through all four seasons with indoor farming practices. Enjoy hyperfresh, hyperlocal food in your home or workspace with our growing systems.

Empower & Educate

We encourage you to become curious about where your food comes from and take control of your produce. Our goal is to increase food literacy in the communities we serve.

Minimize Carbon Footprint

Our systems use 95% less water than traditional farming methods and yield 10x more per square foot. We use organic water soluble nutrients in our water and recycle this water in our systems.


GR365N was founded by Colin McVicker and Dan Atkinson. For the past decade, Colin has been concerned with the health and wellness of underserved community members. Through his work he noticed the lack of access to nutritious foods and spoke about the problem with experienced farmer, Dan. Dan has outstanding knowledge with respect to aquaponic and hydroponic growing systems. Now, Colin and Dan have combined their skills to tackle the issue of food security with innovative farming practices. 


Born from a conversation among friends, GR365N aims to change the way we see food.